Our Advantage

Market: Occupying the gold segment track with broad market prospects (riding the global trend of new energy on the new rising track)

Product: Leading technology and stable supply, verified by the market (strong industry research and development team and technical strength)

Team: Core team from top companies in the photovoltaic industry (core team from top listed companies in the photovoltaic industry)

Core Competitiveness

Background: Yishida has a profound industry background and resources. The ODM products sold in the early stage of market promotion are from industry leading listed companies. It only offers OEM services to two domestic companies, with Yishida being one of them.

Technology: Yishida has technical support from top domestic research institutes, a strong R&D team, and self-developed products that rank first in the global market in terms of functionality and performance. Strong R&D capabilities and the ability to produce top-notch products in segmented fields.

Marketing: Yishida has a strong marketing team, with all three shareholders being senior overseas TO B marketing professionals. They have built a replicable marketing team in the short term and have strong overseas market development capabilities.