Xiamen E-Star Energy Co., Ltd., founded in 2013 in Xiamen, China, is a leading high-tech enterprise in photovoltaic and residential energy storage integration. With a focus on delivering innovative sustainable energy solutions, we offer top-quality PV micro inverters, household energy storage systems, and balcony systems. Our experienced R&D team ensures industry-leading safety, stability, and durability in our products. E- Star's mission is to reduce carbon emissions and provide reliable energy solutions globally. While headquartered in China, we serve markets worldwide, including the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, and North America. We aim to contribute to global carbon peak and neutrality goals, making energy more accessible and beneficial for humanity.

Corporate Culture


Let global users use safe and efficient new energy easily


Become the world's leading company with photovoltaic and storage technology


Honesty, Dedication Innovation, Sharing

Global Market

Yishida independently develops the market within six months with a brand new team

100+newly developed German distributor customers

70 million French exclusive agent for single customer procurement

70% market penetration in European countries